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Temple Mount


"A terrific battle of wit and wills. Highly recommended for fans, like me, of action, history, secrets, and conspiracies."
Steve Berry, the New York Times bestselling author of The Lincoln Myth and The King's Deception

"Tightly woven, lightning-paced, and touching the heart, Temple Mount tells a story as old as time and as current as today's headlines."
Cara Black, the New York Times bestselling author of the Aimée Leduc Series

"Is it possible that the Ark of the Covenant is still somewhere under Jerusalem, waiting for discovery? Temple Mount made me believe. Silicon Valley meets Raiders of the Lost Ark -- a sharp, pacy thriller that's also a perfect armchair escape."
Joseph Finder, the New York Times bestselling author of Suspicion and Paranoia

"This riveting, spellbinding, fast-paced thriller... will have you glued to the chair until the final page is devoured."
Mark P. Sadler, Suspense Magazine

"Temple Mount contains some of Raffel´┐Żs best writing. Even if you had no idea what the Ark of the Covenant was before reading, you would find the information that he provides fascinating.... You will want to read Temple Mount for all of those reasons and more."
Joe Hartlaub,

"If you like Faye Kellerman, Daniel Silva or Dan Brown you should also enjoy Keith Raffel. I strongly recommend this book. Five stars out of five."
Lynn Farris,